There are many things in your engagement party seating chart that will be on your to-do list. Interestingly, the seating chart is most often missing from this list. Couples often try to ignore it because creating it seems to be a complicated and stressful thing. They take time to create and you usually think that guests will mostly switch places. However, these are no valid reasons to not create the seating chart. It will make your guests feel relaxed, as they will already know from the name card where they are meant to sit and with whom. It will also make many other aspects of your big day easier to manage.

So, how do you create the perfect engagement party seating chart? Here are 4 tips to help you realize that it is much simpler to create the list.

1. Priority Guests First

You should start by allocating seats to your priority guests. This list includes:

  • Your parents
  • Close family members & friends
  • Bridal party

These people should get the best locations, preferably centrally located, and closest to you and your partner. If the party has a head table, your parents can be seated at the closest tables. Make sure they have a direct view.

2. Seat the Right People Together

Keep in mind that guests appreciate it when they are seated near people they know and value. If there are guests who don’t know others at your party, seat them in a way to initiate natural conversation. A good strategy is to categorize your guests into relevant groups.

Consider categorizing your guests based on how they are related to both of you. Some of the groups you can create include:

  • Immediate family
  • Extended family
  • Family friends
  • Friends from work
  • Friends from school

It is not necessary to allocate each group to a specific table. The goal of this strategy is to assist you in categorizing your guest list. It will create a practical point where you can start assigning seats.

3. Consider Individual Needs

A seating chart is created for everyone’s convenience and this means your own convenience as well. It is recommended to keep the individual needs, expectations, and preferences in mind. It will require some thoughtful insight but can make a big difference in how your guests feel and how great your engagement party will be. It is recommended to follow these tips in this regard:

  • Elderly guests can be seated near aisles and exits
  • The family should be seated closest to the party
  • People with kids and elderly guests can be seated away from the speakers or the band

4. Keep Kids in Mind

Some parties see a large number of kids. If this happens with your engagement party, consider settingup a group of kids’ tables. You can arrange special activities for kids on these tables. Examples of such activities include games or coloring books. The parents can be placed at tables close to the kids’ tables. If there are not many kids at the party, it is recommended to place them at a table near their parents.

So, follow these tips to create your engagement party seating chart. While it will take some time to create this chart, it will bring order and organization to your party and save time and hassles for everyone. It is best to create his chart when preparing to send out your engagement party invite.